New DOOM cranks up the fun.

October 23, 2018

Ever since the 2016 reboot of genre making game DOOM came out fans have been starving for more DOOM news. In 1993 DOOM created the FPS genre of games and was installed on more PC’s than even Microsoft’s Windows 95 and since then was and still is a staple of fun FPS games. DOOM has had its ups and downs from the first game to the third game and quickly following came to the first and last DOOM movie. DOOM (2016) was a sweet release from all the Call of Duty games and realistic combat of the modern shooter and gives us a more fun focused gameplay style, picking up health, armor, and ammo, with movement as your only defense. Now as of Quake-con 2018 id software has announced their new DOOM title, DOOM: Eternal, giving us more classic as well as new features as well as improve already existing assets.
DOOM: Eternal will be continuing shortly after DOOM (2016) left off, but instead of fighting demons on mars you fight demons on earth, with even more weapons and tools. id software has even taken the time to remaster old weapon and demon designs, one example is the zombie man first seen in the first game, with red glowing eyes, a sergeant like haircut, and a more militaristic uniform. Some more enemies that weren’t seen in the last game but make a good return is the pain elementals first seen in DOOM 2 as cacodemon look-alikes that summon lost souls, to inflict more damage on you. id also gave us a few new features like a Dark Souls esk PvP where players can invade your single player caos for a one on one/two fight, where the invading player takes the form of one of the game’s demons.
When it comes to weapons DOOM never disappoints, from double-barreled shotguns to the BFG 9000 this game has it all, adding new weapons, and bringing back old favorites such as the plasma rifle (which now looks more like it’s 1993 counterpart). This being a 2018 game your tools of destruction need some good upgrades and weapon mods, such as a sticky grenade launcher for your shotgun, to turning your chaingun into a mobile turret. The game will also reward you for being as brutal as you can letting you set zombies on fire then going to town with a shotgun, giving you armor, or performing a finishing move called a “glory kill” first introduced in DOOM (2016) rewarding you with health and ammo. DOOM: Eternal also gives you three new tools to achieve victory, such as an arm-mounted blade similar to the predators, and a shoulder-mounted flamethrower/grenade launcher, and a new way to avoid incoming enemy attacks called dashing, that’s similar to Overwatch’s blink commonly used by Tracer one of that games heroes.
id software hasn’t revealed any competitive multiplayer gameplay yet but fans just hope it won’t be like DOOM (2016)’s multiplayer. DOOM fans want a multiplayer playstyle that almost mimics the Quake games or DOOM’s of old, letting you find more powerful weapons, ammo, health, and armor to stay in the match. DOOM’s multiplayer has had a history of its own, with the restrictions of 1993 technology id needed to perform some clever programming tricks, because the game wasn’t fully 3D as everything was 2D. The multiplayer in DOOM was a basic PvP deathmatch or a co-op playthrough back in 1993, DOOM 3 didn’t have any multiplayer and was kind of confusing on what genre of game it wanted to be, did id want it to be a survival horror, or an action game. DOOM (2016) (as far as multiplayer goes) didn’t have a good multiplayer trying to combine Call of Duty’s loadout and progression system with its classic health and armor focused pickup and power-up system. DOOM (2016) did one thing right about the multiplayer, as you can invite your friends to unique maps that you or other players have made, letting you play variations of horde modes, story maps, or recreations of old DOOM levels.
DOOM: Eternal (luckily) comes out on December 28, 2018, so you can pick up your copy earlier than you expect, promising to be an improvement from the previous game. It definitely looks like a fun improvement, with promise of more of the same, both in classic and new gameplay, including zero need to reload your weapon’s letting you continue the fight for longer. DOOM: Eternal looks like a more fun version of DOOM (2016) adding more classic and more new from art to features to even gameplay. I don’t do many recommendations, but if you’re wanting a fun FPS experience that feels like games of old then DOOM: Eternal is definitely a recommendation. For more information watch the following video.

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