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Chad Yencer

Blackford Bruins Update

September 20, 2018

   The Blackford High School board has agreed on $5,000,000 addition to the Blackford Junior/Senior High School. An addition of a new weight room and two more basketball gyms. The recent auxiliary gym will become the new weightlifting room and the add-on of the school will have two different courts in the new auxiliary gym.

   Another addition to the Blackford Junior/Senior High School is having our own Blackford Bruins Raider course. We are halfway done with that project, but my opinion we’ve taken longer than I expected because it is still not finished.

   As last year Varsity Baseball/Basketball/Football succeeded on the court and the field we are pushing for more improvements this year. We also need to strive and push in the classrooms and on the field, as well as for every sport we have. We are improving on all of our practice facilities and game fields/courts.

   As you look upon the picture, you can imagine what it is going to look like when we finish the project. As we add on to the new weight room,, it’s going to have Raider Team practice facility.

   The main reason for all this is so we have enough room for the 7th-8th grade when they move to the Blackford Junior/Senior High School. We are adding enough space for all students 7-12. The new add-on at the Blackford Junior/Senior High School will add a gym space that will provide for increased academic programming, athletics, and other practices and performances, as well as a competition space for Junior High School athletic events. This means more room for everyone and the upperclassmen won’t have to worry about the junior high. “The junior high will be located downstairs, while the High school will be located upstairs.” As I’ve heard from teachers. There will be no interference between the High School students and the Junior High students. If that happens that will be good for the high school so we don’t have to see the immature kids.   

       The Blackford Board will also add new locker rooms in order to hold the junior high students in separate locker room. That helps out upperclassmen because we are already annoyed from the lower classmen. The new additions will be set south of the current gym at Blackford Junior/Senior High School. Where the JROTC space and room is will be expanded by cutting a little off of the Manufacturing room, to have more room for junior high students. But I think this part is going to be a little hard because there is a lot of power tools and machines in the room.  

  At the Blackford Junior/Senior High School has much more improvements that are not announced on https://www.bcs.k12.in.us/news#newadditiontohighschool. We have new paint jobs in the High School, swimming pool, and the main gym. We are really glad that happened because we want to show other schools that we are ready for them. Hopefully, by the end of the year, there will be more painting improvements at Blackford High School. A couple days ago I had heard a teacher saying, “They are talking about repainting the classrooms and the hallways.” The other teacher had responded and said,“That’s good because all of the wallpaper is falling off in my room walls.” I think that is going to be really nice and will make even better if they make the color pop out more.

       Blackford High School is really pumped for the new add-ons to a Junior/Senior high school in the 2019-2020 school year. They will start their reconstruction during the fall and finish over the end of the summer.       

   As from what I’ve heard from everyone, the class of 2020-2021 are very excited about the updates for our school, but teachers always say  “ You don’t know that it’s going to happen so stop telling people that”. I always say, “Go look at the Blackford County Schools website and it says that it is going to happen”.

       The school district paid off previous debt from the large construction project in 2000 this year so the overall tax rate will not exceed the 2016 tax rate. So that move made us where we can actually get this started. All of this information was stated on Tuesday, August, 21 2018. Are you guys happy that these additions will be added and happy that it will make us look stronger?

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