Why should you get involved at school?


Emily Huffman, writer

At our school, there are many positive things you can be involved in such as sports, Student Council, Key Club, Best Buddies, FCA, FFA, Show Choir, Theatre, Spanish Club, and many more. Getting involved can help you connect with the community and the school. Getting involved in clubs or sports can also get you scholarships which means you can save more money on college. Student council is one thing that gets you really involved, it’s so much fun, and it helps you step outside your comfort zone. Over the summer there was a camp many Blackford student council members went to called SLI. At SLI I met many new people and made new best friends. Student council also goes on many other field trips like state convention, rep assembly, and we go places in the community to help others. Doing student council teaches you things like how to be a great leader. By going to events you can see how other schools do things, what events they do, and how they have fun in their school.

Sports are also something that gets you involved. They are very fun and keep you active and healthy all season. Sports could also be an opportunity to meet new people and make friends. Some sports you could get involved in is volleyball, soccer, softball, baseball, tennis, football, basketball, cross country, track, and there is also unified track and football. I play volleyball because I can play with my friends, have fun, and be active during the season. Sports are very fun and they get you involved. Getting involved at school is something everyone should at least try because it offers great things, you can have so much fun, and you can connect with your community and school.