Dancing with the Bruins



This year is the first year that BHS is offering the chance to join a dance team. This team is made up of many unique students and ran by a few amazing people. The team dance team was thought up by Hope Maloney and made possible by Mrs. Hundley and Miss. Reser. Together they have created a truly unforgettable club.

I took the time and asked Hope Maloney a few questions that students may have about the team.

What made you decide that you wanted to make a dance team?

“Well it is something that I have always been passionate about and it was something that the school didn’t offer us.”

What would you say to people that may be a little nervous about joining the dance team?

“There is no reason to be nervous. This isn’t something that should stress anyone out. It is just for fun.”

How can someone join the dance team?

“We are accepting new members after this year’s football season to be ready for basketball season. After that as far as we know there will be no new auditions after basketball season for the 2018-2019 school year.

This is truly a group of students looking to learn some dance moves and most importantly, have a good time. There are currently 13 members but it isn’t too late! If you think that you may be interested in dance team go to the auditions coming up this winter. If you are a senior and are a little hesitant about joining, DO IT! This is your last chance to join anything that you have been interested in but too scared. This is your time to have some fun and step out of your comfort zone.


Dance Team Members:


Hope Maloney

Sophie Winger

Gretchen Messersmith

Tori Baker

Andrew Beckley

Thomas Kraus


Rebecca Brown


Trinity Adams

Johanna Gerth

Mikeala Twibell


Faith Maloney

Casandra Mounsee

Scott Winger