Paige, Shannon. Thegoodthingscomin,


Love is an abstract thing yet at the same time it is a physical thing, love is something that has no limit yet not everyone can feel it. When you feel loved you feel warm inside, safe as love embraces you no matter who you are when you feel loved you feel happiness beyond no limit. In this world, there are people who feel hollow and useless believing and thinking their life means nothing that they are worthless. Some might try to get that person to turn to a god or try to be there for that person in their darkest of times. This is an incredible thing to do for another trying to give another person the same love that you can feel and make them feel warm and safe. This is not the case for everyone, though, as there are some really awful people in this world who wish only to step on others to climb to the top. These people will use others in many ways including pushing them down or just making the other person feel awful so they can feel better about themselves. More than likely this kind of people are jealous of a feat of another such as intelligence. Jealousy can make people do truly sickening things to others causing many hardships in families and the world overall.  

People like this make me feel sick because they will butcher others into thinking that they are nothing just so that one person can make it to the top. Vile people like this leave a trail of butchered people who feel that they do not matter and that the world would be better off without them. Many of these people have and can be found before they wander too far away from what matters most, their life. Just as many people maybe, even more, have been hurt so many times by other people that they can not be saved and take their own life just because someone told them they are worthless or stupid. Thousands of families have been torn apart because their child was bullied to the point where they killed themselves and that is the truth of the world. The world is full of truth but no one wants to accept it if you learn early to accept the world as it truly is instead of how it appears to be you will be better off.

There is always going to be evil people in this world who use others for their own gain and it is sad. In this time of darkness, you can turn to many things, you can try turning to a god/s or maybe just comfort your loved ones and be with your family. My dream is that one day people will be considered equal and not in a literal sense. My dream is that people can love whoever they want rather it be of the same gender or not, my dream is that people will not be judged by their actions instead of by their character. My dream is a world that is equal and balanced where power is spread equally among everyone and everyone can be whatever they dream to be. My dream is for everyone to have food and water but most of all, my dream is for everyone to be loved. My dream seems like something out of a book but it is possible if we all try to make a difference even if it is in small ways. I am not saying that we should kill anyone of corrupt nature or do anything extreme my dream can be accomplished through little things even just smiling at someone can make their day much better.

In this world full of darkness where people are lost and butchered be the light that guides others back home, be the light that saves someone from ending their life, be the light that gives others hope. You can save another person’s life even if you don’t know it at first simply by being nice to someone and that is what matters most. You can argue that not every life in this world matters but I believe so, I believe that every life in this world matters and that everyone is here for a reason. I believe that the world can be a better place if we make it be that way. You can make a difference if you try and make this world a better place for the next generation of people.