Montpelier Motor Speedway

Tra Smith, Writere


As a racer my car is like any other drivers, I want the car to be perfect. On Saturday, August 18, 2018, I raced at Montpelier Motor Speedway in Montpelier, Indiana. In hot laps which is like practice for dirt racers, I was the fastest, but the car in front was a little bit tight exiting the turns. After my hot laps, I went to the stands and watched late models, modifieds, and front wheel drives. I got to watch both my uncle and my cousin do their hot laps.


After hot laps, I interviewed my uncle Bill Lewis and asked him how did the car feel when he was on the track. He replied saying, “The car is really fast, I love how it handles especially when we get momentum out of the turns.” After that, I asked him what was the best lane to run in and he said, “ I would say the high lane because you have the cushion and you catch so much momentum coming out of it”


Later on, I went out for our heat races and we won that heat race which is like a qulifying race to get into the features. A feature is basically like the actual race that matters. So I went into the hot laps confident but sadly I got caught up in an accident by getting spun out on the last lap, but was able to run the features. We finished 3rd place which was good for a banged up right rear quarter panel. After that, I watched all the other features and I watched Brad Strunk just fly by everyone in the D2 midget feature. Gage Allen who is my cousin, had to battle it out with a few other competitors to get the win but he managed to pass them to take the checkered flag. Shawn Valenti started 3rd and had to push his car hard to be able to pass the leader to take the checkered flag and pass the leader with 3 laps to go.



Midgets – #33 Chase Jones
D2 Midgets – #23S Brad Strunk
UMP Modifieds – #18 Ryan Sutter
Super Streets – #7B Shawn Valenti
Thunder Cars – #001 Jerald Owens
FWD Compacts – #24 Gage Allen