BAPE x XO in the near future…?

Scott, J., and Evan Bellinger. “The Weeknd Teases Upcoming BAPE Collab.” Hardys Closet, 1 May 2018,

Rydge Dunica, Writer

Here in the near future BAPE (aka A Bathing Ape) and the record label XO are releasing a line of clothing. It is projected to be a major streetwear clothing line drop. The resale predictions on it are sky high. I am hoping to get a tee shirt from the release, but the retail price for the shirt is $225, and that is out of my price range.

A Bathing Ape is a Japanese based streetwear brand. They have store locations in New York, New York and Los Angeles, California. They are most famous for their camo design that has ape heads in it, and for their hoodies that zip up of your face and have a shark face on them. Nigo was the creator of the clothing brand, he later sold BAPE for $2.8 million.

XO is a hip-hop record label. They have signed a few big name rappers, those include NAV, The Weeknd, and BELLY. They have just recently made a big name for themselves with the collab of The Weeknd and NAV on the song Some Way. All of the rappers that are signed with XO have gotten early access to the clothing collab, and have been posting sneak peeks of it on all social media platforms.

The clothing collab includes a tee shirt, a hoodie, a pillow, a rug, a mask, and basketball shorts. All of the items include the exclusive orange camo with ape heads and “XO” symbols hidden throughout the camo.

The set release date for the clothing line is September 17th, 2018.