What Was Fashion Back Then?

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What Was Fashion Back Then?

Cameron Hall, editor

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The world of fashion has changed so much throughout the years. I’ve always heard stories or seen photos of my family members with their big poofy hair back in the 80’s or even there different clothing. So I’m going to talk about the different styles from the 20’s to the 80’s.

    The two trends in the 20’s were the cloche hat and the flapper dresses. The style of hair in the 20’s was very short! Like it would fit under your cloche hat. Usually, the cloche hats and flapper dresses were worn together. The flapper dresses were usually knee length.

      The popular fabrics in the 30’s were cotton, tweed, rayon, silk, and wool. Men usually wore very nice suits. The men would also wear short shorts and tall socks, especially in sports. Women wore dresses and kept their hair close to their head.

      In the 40’s blouses were frequently worn with skirts. The blouses typically had padded shoulders. Pant’s started to become popular for women to wear during this decade. Also long coats were popular during this time.

     The 50’s is where most people made their clothes with needle and thread.  Most women would wear dresses in this decade. There was also certain clothing that would help women find men or help get them husbands. Also, dances and proms became really popular in this decade. Then later in the 50’s women started to wear more tightened clothing.

     The 60’s still continued with the economic boom from the previous decade. In the 60’s people started to stop making their own clothing and actually going and buying it. In this decade fashion started to show the different social classes. Tapered dress shirts began to be popular and it would get men’s attention. There began a lot of slimmer and sleeker lines in fashion. Two-piece swimwear became really popular in this decade.

     Most of the 70’s was pleasing yourself more than it was pleasing others. Some of the trends in this decade was flared or bell bottoms. There were pants, tunics, pant sets, leisure suits, and overalls. There were lots of exotic pants and bright colors. Many coats or jackets in the 70’s began to feature fur detailing. It became pretty popular in the 70’s.

     Fashion changed rapidly in the 80’s. Pop culture trends spread faster than ever before! There were changes in technology like cable had more channels. MTV was starting up and you could see all of what celebrities were wearing, and that started trends and everyone would dress how they did. Popular brands during this decade were: Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Nike, Adidas, Banana republic, The Gap, Izod, Lacoste, Members only, and Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans. During this time there was just a lot of media influence. The hair for this decade was big teased hair or spiral perms for women. Mullets, or a more clean-cut for men. There was baggy and oversized tops, leggings, high waisted jeans, ripped denim, and tight exercise clothing. Some more trends were headbands, shoulder pads, boxy silhouettes, large bold prints, and bright colors.

     This concludes my paper. I hope you learned a lot about the different decades of fashion. You can also do more research over fashion on the internet. I hope you learned a lot!

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