Role Models

“The Seven Traits of a Role Model.” Cayenne Consulting, 18 July 2017,

“The Seven Traits of a Role Model.” Cayenne Consulting, 18 July 2017,

Michael Waters, Reporter/Writer

Do you look up to someone, would you define them as your role model? Congrats, You’ve now won an exclusive all-day meet and greet with your role model. You’ve now been introduced to your role model, and have an hour meet and greet.

During an interview with Brayden Overmyer about his role model, he gave me answers about his idol and how they became his role model. He said that Yankees shortstop Didi Gregorius is his idol, because he grew up in a poor country and became a big star. He stated that he became his role model at the age of fourteen when he became a member of the New York Yankees in 2015, which happens to be his favorite baseball team. He has looked up to Didi Gregorius for about three years and has been inspired by his hard work. has never met Didi Gregorius, but would like to meet them in New York, at Yankee Stadium. He would go as far as getting his left-arm removed to meet him.

During an interview with Braden Liddick, he was asked about his role model and gave some solid answers on how and why they became his role model. His role model is Luan Oliveira, who is a professional skateboarder from Brazil. He looks up to him because he inspired him to start skating. In the past months, he has become his idol as Braden started skating six months ago. He wants to eventually meet his Luan Oliveira in his hometown skate park and would go as far as stealing his mom’s car in order to meet him.

Jared Hillman was also interviewed about his role model. His role model is Abraham Lincoln. Jared chose him because he did great things, like ending slavery, and being a good president. He also chose him because they share the same birthday, which is February 12th. He hasn’t met his role model, due to him being assassinated a long time ago, and being born in different time periods. He would go as far as building a time machine and bringing him to our time age. He would do this when Abraham Lincoln was twenty years old. He would want to meet him in Tampa, Florida, as it’s a place he would want to visit.

Tra Smith was also interviewed about the person he looks up to. His role model is professional race car driver Austin Dillon. Tra looks up to him, because he gave him good advice, and has worked really hard to get where they are today. He started looking up to him at age eleven after he had met him at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. He has met him before and would go as far as getting his left arm removed to meet them again. He  said it would be an honor to meet them at his house, or even the racetrack again.

You get to eat dinner and ask questions about your idol. You are treated to a day out with your idol, to do whatever you want to do. You get dinner and you can ask questions about their life. You meet your idol and get to choose if you want five-hundred dollars, or a picture with them. You’ve now finished your meet and greet with your role model and hope to meet them one day again.