How Fun Are First Concerts?

Instagram, huffingtonpost. “Regram from @Huffpostentertainment What Was Your First Concert? New Kids on The.” Explore Instagram Online – ExploreGram, 3 Aug. 2015,

Instagram, huffingtonpost. “Regram from @Huffpostentertainment What Was Your First Concert? New Kids on The.” Explore Instagram Online – ExploreGram, 3 Aug. 2015,

Hannah Little, Editor

     Have you ever been to a concert? How exhilarating was your first one ever? They are a really good way to have so much fun with your family or your friends. There is so much to experience at a concert especially when it is the first one you have ever been to. A lot of concerts can be some of the most fun parts of a person life.

     Concerts are so much fun, how could they not be? All the flashing lights. All the people dancing, and singing at the top of their lungs. They were all dancing and moving together like a school of fish in the ocean. The person who is performing on stage is just having so much fun watching all of their fans who came to see them sing their hearts out while they sing the sweet melodies of their songs.

     My first concert was one of the best things I have ever experienced. I had so much fun there, the first concert I ever went to was a Shawn Mendes concert. I don’t really listen to him anymore, but I am still so glad I went because it was so much fun. I went to the concert with a lot of my friends. We were all so excited to go to the concert and have fun together; for most of us, it was our first concert, so we were going to experience something for the first time ever with each other. I loved sitting in the giant crowd, singing and dancing like a fool not being judged, because let’s be honest everyone was dancing and screaming the lyrics at the top of their lungs. I am sure I will definitely remember it forever, it was far too fun to forget.  

     I asked a few people about their experiences from their first concerts and they all seemed very pleased with how their first concerts went. Raegan Logan said, “I loved my first concert, even though at first I wasn’t excited to go because I was a concert with my whole family. I was probably six or seven during that concert. I will remember it forever because I had such a good time with my family. I was not even that interested in the music but spending time with my family was a lot more fun than I had thought it would be.” When I asked her about her first concert and how it went overall.  When I asked her what she has remembered most out of that night she said, “I always remember how much fun I had with the people I love, I will always remember how happy I was when I was there. Oh, and I will always remember how tired I was after the concert.

     I also interviewed Kailan Willis who said she had never been to a concert. I was surprised by this, so I had to ask her some questions about how she imagines her first one to be. I asked her what she expects her first one to be like and she said, “Well I expect my first concert to be extremely fun. I want it to be a night I will remember for a long time. I guess I kind of expect and want it to be a little bit more of a wild concert. I want to dance with people I don’t know and will probably never see again just for the experience. I want it to be with an artist that I really like and listen to a lot.”

     So, as you can tell concerts are so much fun. There is nothing more fun than spending time with your friends or family at a concert. I strongly recommend a concert to anyone who wants to have a really good time. A first concert is such an amazingly fun experience. Everyone has to at least go to one concert in their lifetime, trust me it is more than worth it.