Should We Be Able to Leave for Lunch?



Samantha Caley, writer/reporter

 Would you like to leave during lunch? For the longest time, most of the schools were allowed to leave for lunch. My parents were allowed to leave for lunch. There is a lot of reasoning behind why students aren’t allowed to leave. There are a lot of legal problems behind it. Either way, students should be able to leave and once they leave the school is no longer responsible for them.

       There are so many people that would vote to say that they would like to leave for lunch. It has always been a topic that the lunch is gross. There have been many stories that food lunch is gross, that we should be able to leave or they need a cart with better food. When my parents were in high school they were allowed to leave and they had a cart that has pizza, corn dogs, PB&J sandwiches. There were many choices for them but now all the schools give us are fat-reduced chips, gummies, and cookies that have no sugar.

       One reasoning schools don’t allowed kid to leave is because most of them wouldn’t come back or they weren’t really leaving to go get food. There were a lot of problems caused by letting kids leave. It most likely brought  lunch pay they were getting go down because kids were leaving to eat out. Now, half the time you can’t even have someone bring food into you anymore.

       Most teachers in the school are allowed to leave because they are an adult, well if you’re 18 in school you’re allowed to sign yourself out and get lunch, but the school tries going around the system saying you need an appointment to be able to leave. Use to be that parents could take you out for lunch but that is not even allowed. I think that the school should have a meeting with the school board to discuss the situation about letting students leave for lunch.

       If a student wants to be able to leave for lunch, as long as they drive and their parent give permission then they should be able to. If the school doesn’t want to be reliable for the students that have left then they should state that clearly. I personally don’t think it should be that big of a deal for students to leave for lunch.

       If schools aren’t going to let us leave for lunch then they should do a poll on the types of food the schools are allowed to feed us so that we have options. When we have said things about a food bar they tell us we aren’t allowed to have a lot of the foods we want because it is not healthy, then we should be able to leave for lunch. Once we have left the building the school is no longer responsible for you.

       Overall, I think that students should be able to leave for lunch if they drive and their parent is okay with allowing them to leave and the school is no longer responsible over them there shouldn’t be any problems.