Kiara Shields

Society (n)

1: A community or group of people having common traditions, institutions, and interest.

2: All of the people of the world.

3: A group of persons with a common interest, belief, or purpose.


In today’s society, you find people who acquired very bad attitudes. These people, that give off the “I hate the world don’t even look at me” kind of vibe. They are the people that no one wants to be around. The ones that are so negative and dull. The ones that never have a smile. No one wants to talk to this type of people. It makes you look unapproachable if you look like you want to die at any second. Remember to stay positive through all things and always keep a smile on your face.

If you are as unfortunate as I am, then you go day to day interacting with a lot of people and you know how unmannered and rude most are anymore. No one teaches respect. Parents don’t teach behavior skills. No one even knows what discipline is anymore. Today’s children run around like wild animals and no one does a thing to stop it. It is very uncommon to find kids that aren’t spoiled, parents give kids whatever they want whenever they want. We’ve all also seemed to switch, I find that with a lot of children they are in charge of their parents and bossing them around and telling them what to do and when. Phones are also becoming a problem and it’s pretty bad that you can’t just tell a child to sit down and behave in public but instead have to give them a phone or tablet. Show respect and encourage others to respect to, teach discipline, behave yourself, and show your manners.


To this day we have lots of choices. How we choose is based off of what others want and like. It’s basically a form of peer pressure. Something is quote unquote popular so obviously, everyone has to do it. Everyone is just trying to live their life on the likeness of others when they should just focus on impressing them selfs. Don’t be afraid to be yourself even if  not cool. Being unique and being yourself is just not a thing anymore because it’s way cooler to all be clones. Everyone had to deal with peer pressure at one point or the other and typically it’s with drugs and alcohol. Doing drugs or drinking alcohol doesn’t make you cool. Being a good person should make you cool. Let’s face it we’ve all bought something just because it was trending at the time or did something just because everyone else is. But really half the stuff that people do and say is really cool isn’t. It’s just that we need something to make us look cool because we’re that low in life. Never give in to peer pressure if you don’t want to do something, don’t force yourself or let anyone else force you.