Morning Routines

Morning Routines

Michael Waters, Supervisor

      Ring, Ring, Ring! Your alarm clock goes off, time to go to school, work, or whatever you do in the mornings. You’ve woken up hungry and thirsty from sleeping all night, time to start your morning routine. You are now starting objectives that you said were a part of your routine, to get a jump start on the day.

During a questionnaire with Sophomore Braden Liddick,  he was asked questions about his morning routine and had some responses that some could relate to.  Braden Liddick Wakes up around seven-twenty in the morning on school days, and around eleven in the morning on weekends. Braden doesn’t eat breakfast before school or on the weekends. Braden’s morning routine consists of waking up, taking a shower, getting dressed, and leaving for school around 7:50 in the morning.

There have been times where his morning routine has been changed, as when he wakes up late, and arrives at a later time. Braden’s morning routine changes slightly over the weekend, as he wakes up later, but doesn’t have school to attend. Braden usually has his mother take him to school.

Junior Jared Hillman has a morning routine that is similar to sophomore Braden Liddick’s routine. Jared Hillman’s morning routine consists of waking up at six-thirty in the morning, taking a shower, brushing his teeth, cleaning his ears, getting dressed, and being ready to leave for school by seven-thirty five in the morning. Jared sometimes eats breakfast, which is usually an egg omelet. Unlike Braden, Jared is able to drive himself to school in the mornings. Jared’s routine changes over the weekend, as he gets up later, and doesn’t shower in the morning. Jared has forgotten to clean his ears once before school, as he said: “I’ll clean them after school toward the end of the night.”

Sophomore Brayden Overmyer had a morning routine that was similar to Junior Jared Hillman. Brayden Overmyer wakes up at six-thirty in the morning and eats breakfast. Brayden Overmyer usually eats a banana along with cocoa pebbles and fruity pebbles.Brayden Overmyer leaves for the junior-high school at about seven in the morning, where a bus takes him to the high-school from there. He usually leaves there around seven thirty-five in the morning. Brayden’s Morning routine consists of getting up, taking a shower, getting dressed, eating breakfast, and leaving for junior-high school around seven in the morning, as the walk there can take some time. He then waits at the Junior-high until the bus leaves for the high-school. Brayden has also forgotten to eat breakfast before, throwing his morning routine off, and causing him to lose focus throughout the day due to an empty stomach.Brayden’s routine changes over the weekend, as they go to the store, and get fruits. They also get up later, as they sleep in over the weekend.As You’re just now getting dressed, and finishing up your routine. It’s time to go to school which starts in five minutes, Officially ending your routine for this morning.