Girl’s Basketball Gets New Coach

“Bluffton Tigers.” Bluffton High School,

Taylor Light

         Last year’s girl’s basketball coach, Mr. Norton resigned from coaching. The team ended the previous season with one win. After a search for a new coach, they finally found one. Coach Waters. The new coach has had a short meeting with the girls interested in playing basketball next season. I interviewed some of the past players that are planning to play next year to hear some of their thoughts about the new season with a new coach.

         The first person I talked to was Paige Maloney, a sophomore at BHS. She’s only met the new coach one time so far but she says “He seems really nice.” Paige had an okay experience last season. For the upcoming season, she is hoping for the team to have a better winning streak, and for herself to become better at more than one position. She says she is excited about the upcoming season with the new coach.

         I also interviewed Sissy Reid, also a sophomore at BHS. When I asked about her experience on the team last year she said “Awful, I had a bad experience and I didn’t enjoy it at all. I was taught things differently than everyone else and the coach treated us all different.” She has also met the new coach one time, she says that he seems really nice and that he seems to know what he’s talking about. Sissy thinks that he will help the team become more successful. Sissy hopes for the team to work together more, get along with each other, and be respectful this season. For her personal goals, she wants to become a better ball handler and work on more skills during the off-season. Sissy is excited for next year because she thinks it’ll be better than last season.

       The last person I talked to was Erin Cagle, and she is also a sophomore at BHS. Erin says that she thinks the new coach will be a good fit for the team, just from meeting him once she thinks he will help the team out a lot. All she had to say about her experience last year was “Very frustrating.” Erin says that she wants the team to just work really hard during the off-season to prepare them for the upcoming season. She wants them to just get better as a whole. Erin herself wants to work really hard during the off-season to improve her shooting and defense. She is excited about this season and thinks it will be a much better year than last.

      With a new coach and some new incoming team members hopefully, the girl’s basketball team will improve from the past couple years. From the three basketball players I interviewed, the team is looking forward to a new and improved season with a new coach and some new incoming players. Hopefully, the girls reach both their team goals and their individual goals for the new season. Stay tuned to the Bruinformer next basketball season for updates on the girl’s basketball team!