What Role Will Robots Play in our Future?


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Straton Stone, Photographer

     What role do you think robots will play in our future? Well, I believe that an extraordinary amounts of advancement will be made in robots in our future. There could be some negatives to these advancements of robotics, but I believe that the good will outweigh the bad. Advancements in robots would definitely help with many things. Advanced robots could do things like help fight in the military, speed up slow processes, and simply help with everyday life. The advancements in robotics in our future would definitely improve many people’s lives.

      Think of all of the help that would be made if robots could fight in war for us. These advancements in this type of technology could really help America out. Obviously, robots would not be able to completely replace people in the military, but it could definitely help. Imagine all of the people that would be able to spend more time with their families. As you probably know, people that are stationed in the military do not get to see their families for months at a time. Robots could limit the amount of time that people would have to spend where they are stationed at.

        Advanced robots could help speed up many slow processes. Have you ever had a project that takes a really long time to do that you wish wouldn’t take so long? What if robots could help you do these types of things. Think of all of the long, slow, boring human processes that take forever and picture those being sped up to crazy fast speeds. Puzzles that take over a month to do could be done in a minute. Do it yourself art projects that take weeks or even months to finish could be done in a day. These speedy robots could definitely help many people out.

        Have you ever wanted a personal assistant at your house? Well, someday in the future I believe that robots will be in many houses playing the role of a personal assistant. Think of how clean your room would be. Picture not having to spend hours cleaning your room all the time, and imagine getting out of bed and having your bed made for you by the robot every day. Have your parents ever made you do the dishes when you definitely did not feel like it? Well soon, the robots should be able to do that for you too.

     Although there could be some downsides to how advanced robots could get in the near future… I believe that the good will most definitely outweigh the bad. Think of all of the military families that would get to spend much more time together. How awesome would it be for these families to be able to know that they won’t be gone all of the time? Think about all of those projects that have taken months to do and you wish were just done already. Think about all of the personal assistance these robots could do for you and your entire family also. I believe that robots will definitely play a major role in our future.