Are Books Really Better Than Movies?

Are Books Really Better Than Movies?

Hannah Little, Editor

      Are books at all better than their movie form? Most people say yes books are a lot better than the movies. Books provide much more room in a person’s mind for imagination. They can imagine the characters and some parts of the book, however, they want to. When you watch a movie, you only get what the movie shows you don’t get any room to imagine some of the things. I interviewed some students here at Blackford High School and asked them some questions about books and movies. I asked the question “Do you prefer books or movies?” and I got some answers I was expecting and some I was not expecting at all. “ I prefer books over movies because books are so much more interesting than movies, I can sit and read all day long and that is what I do for the most part.”, stated Raegan Logan. Another one of the students I interviewed said something completely different than Raegan did. Kailan Willis said, “ I actually prefer movies over books because I don’t read all that much, I just like to sit and relax and watch a movie over reading a book.  

      I then asked the same students a few more questions. I found that Raegan likes to read books over watching movies because books give a lot more insight when it comes to the characters. She also likes books more because it gives her more room to imagine what she whatever she likes, and with a movie she cannot do that because you only get what is there playing in the screen. But with Kailan she likes movies because she can do more than just watch it while it is playing and with books, she can only focus on reading because if not then you will not know what is happening and you will not comprehend what is there.

      Most people prefer books over their movie copy because you can imagine what you want while reading the book. Books are a lot more detailed than movies because books have as much space as the writer needs to fill the story line and a movie has to be pressed and edited to fit a time frame. Books last a lot longer than movies for that same reason as well. Characters in books cannot be ruined by bad acting while they can in movies. Reading a story makes the parts stay in your head a lot longer than it does while watching a movie because you have to think about what you are reading.

      There are also some scientific reasons to why books are better than movies. For example, books can expand your vocabulary because you are reading the words and can see how they are used and spelled. Books help the brain develop while movies just kind of “rot the brain.”Books can improve your concentration and focus, while with movies you can easily get distracted.

      So as you can see there are so many reasons to why books are really so much better than movies. Pick up a book and read sometimes and you can see the whole different world reading a book opens up to you. You will be able to escape reality for the time you read that book. You’ll see how much you fall in love with that book you decide to read. Or you can go watch a movie but I can guarantee you’ll prefer to read a book because they open up a whole other world.


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