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Jared Hillman, Writer

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Katie Morario was a previous teacher here at BHS. I chose her for teacher spotlight because she was a great teacher and she mad class fun. When I asked her, “What was your favorite part of working at Blackford High school?” She answered “My favorite part was for sure the students. I couldn’t have asked for a better first class. Though I’m probably a little bias, I earnestly believe that there is something special about BHS’s class of 2019. I can’t really put it into words, but that class just isn’t normal. They’re incredible and were a joy to work with every day.” I asked her if she missed the students or the environment more and she replied with, “I miss the students more, for sure. I loved the environment and the staff and I LOVED my room, but the students will win every time. It’s weird for me now being in a room with all my same poster and bulletin boards and items and games and stuff and not have the Bruins there to remember it all.”  Miss Morario currently  works at Zionsville Community High School. She teaches Theatre Arts, English 9, and English 10. She also runs the drama club and the Spring Play. I asked her what the environment was like and she said, “The environment is very different. First off, the economic demographic is way different. Zionsville has 4% of students receiving free or reduced lunch. If my memory serves me well, I think BHS was around 75%. Most families are wealthy and the students have ample access to resources, opportunities, and abundant clothes/items. There’s also 2,200 students at the school compared to the 500 at BHS, so there’s a ton more students and a ton more teachers. This also means more clubs and more sports. It’s not “better” because there’s a lot of issues with gossip, entitlement, and rude parents that I didn’t have at BHS that I have here. It’s just different.” Sadly, Miss Morario said  that she doesn’t think she will teach again at Blackford, but she will be back to visit at least once more before graduation in 2019 (which she will be at for sure!). Miss said the hardest part about moving schools was leaving behind all the kids and memories made at BHS. She also said “Leaving was hard and sad. I think about those kids daily and it was especially hard at the beginning of this school year, when I didn’t know my knew kids and were really missing my Bruins. I wouldn’t trade that year for the world and don’t regret teacher there even a little.
When I asked her how she dealt with leaving, she replied with, “I was sad and emotional, especially those first few days after the last day of school. It was a loss for sure and I did some grieving over it. But I knew I wanted to find my “forever school,” so it felt better to rip the bandaid off as soon as possible. It also helps that I am able to keep in touch with students through social media and even got to see a ton of them at a basketball game this last season.” Miss Morario was a great teacher to have and she is and will continue to be missed by many here at Blackford.


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(Previous) Teacher Spotlight