Should School Start Time Be Pushed Back?

Taylor Light, Photographer


Do you like getting your beauty sleep or having to wake up at the butt crack of dawn? Most high school students hate waking up so early, all they want to do is sleep in. Some students though, like waking up early and going to school to just get it over with. So what do you think? Would you rather school start later or school start at the same time that it does now? I interviewed three Blackford High School students to see what they think about school start time.

One student that I interviewed is Straton Stone, a sophomore at BHS. Here are his thoughts. When I asked him if he thinks school should start late or stay the same, he responded with “School should not start later.” When I asked his reasoning for why school should not start later he stated, “Changing the school start times would cause lots of confusion. It would push all after school activities back and make students have to stay up later at night for homework.” Straton is involved in two sports, tennis and track. So I asked him how school starting later would affect his before and after school activities. Straton told me, “starting later would affect all of my after school activities, my after school sports practices would be starting at the same time that they end now. I’m already tired after my practices and ready to go home and relax, I wouldn’t want to be getting home even later than I already am.”

I also spoke with Rydge Dunica, also a sophomore. Rydge wants the school start times to be pushed back. He says that starting later would help with grades because the brain would be more energized due to more sleep. Another point that he brought up is that it isn’t safe for kids to walk to school in the dark. Rydge is also an athlete, he plays basketball and baseball. He says that they have practice in the morning for his sports and that starting school later would cause morning practices to start later which allows players more sleep. The after school practices would allow for parents that get off work late to pick up their kids. At the end of the interview he said, “We need our sleep.”

The last person I interviewed was Isaac Justice, also a sophomore at BHS. He also wants school to start later. He thinks that not as many students would sleep in class because they could get more sleep at home. He also thinks that it would give students more time to prepare. Isaac is also an athlete, he plays football, wrestles, and plays baseball. He says that starting later would allow him more time to shower in the mornings and he would have more energy at after school sports practices.

I personally think that school start time should stay the same. I don’t think students would go to bed earlier, they would just use school starting later an excuse to stay up even later. I play volleyball and run track, I wouldn’t like my after school practices being even later than they already are. I like to go home and get all of my homework done and just be able to relax the rest of the night.

This topic is one that has a bunch of mixed thoughts. People have all different kinds of opinions about school start time. I don’t think that school start time will ever change.