What We Could Change.


Wallace, Kelly. “Bullying at school on the decline, says new report.” CNN, Cable News Network, 17 May 2015, www.cnn.com/2015/05/17/living/feat-bullying-schools-decline-40-years-research/index.html.

Raegan Logan, Editor/Writer

        If I had the power to change something at my very own school, it would be the judgment and bullying. It happens very often at our own high school and I feel as if we could change that. Some students, and even staff, are rude to people for things that they can not help. Such as appearance, wealth, and the way someone dresses. People also get bullied and judged for the things that they enjoy doing.

        If you are one of the people who does these things to people then imagine this, what if someone made fun of you for being yourself? Being yourself is very important and lots of people preach that to the world. But when you are put down for the way you truly are, all you want to do is hide from everyone. I see this happen every single day in school and sometimes it even happens to me personally.

        There are many reason why people are judged and bullied. A few of them being things like interests, sexuality, gender, and disabilities etc. Another big thing people are judged and bullied for is their race. Blackford County is not a very diverse place, so the people here find it odd to be a different race, other than white. One thing I just do not understand is why people are hateful towards their peers or students for absolutely no reason. These things can be really mentally damaging and hurtful. Also you never
know someone’s back story, so always make sure that you watch what you say to people.

        Make sure you think about the long term effects of these things. This lowers their self-esteem because they are being chastised for being true to themselves. And even though those people don’t fight or don’t respond, the things you say, stick in their minds forever.

        So the next time you see or hear things like this coming from someone, stop them, stand up for that person. These kids that are being bullied are hurting, the have feelings too, remember that. No one deserves to be treated poorly for just being themselves. No one is not “normal”, if normal even really exists because your normal is someone else’s “weird” and vice versa. You need to just accept the fact that we are all different and special in our own ways. No one is better or lower than you, we are equals, no matter what. Because at the end of the day we are all just ourselves and no one else is like us. We all have our own preferences, beliefs, and interests. Everyone in this world deserves the chance to be equal. Social status should not be a thing, you should never think you’re better than someone for irrelevant reasons.

        These are the people you get to spend the most exciting, growing years of your life. You wouldn’t want some of them to dislike you because you made fun of them would you? Because if I were you that is not how I would want people to remember me by. Be kind nice, spread positivity, not negativity. “Treat people with kindness.”