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Hard Work Beats Talent When Talent Fails to Work Hard – Kevin Durant

Braden Liddick, Reporter

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Have you heard of Blackford High School? I guarantee you have by now. I sat down and interviewed two players from the Blackford basketball team. Blackford has some of the most hardworking and motivated kids, and that is a big part of our victories. “Do you think you and your teammates are all motivated enough?” I asked Caleb Felver (SG/PG) he replied with “Yes I believe every one of us is motivated on the court because our hard work and motivation is showing”. I also sat with Zach Herendeen (PG/SG) and asked him the same question, his response was the same.


   As far as grades go, according to Caleb Felver, players grades are good and have to be good in order to play on the court. Zach also replied with the same response. I brought up Luke Brown’s (PG) injury during the interview, and I asked if it was going to affect our team. They both had a response to good things. They both stated that they are confident in Blackford’s abilities to win. Another question that I asked was “What do you think you can improve?” Caleb Felver responded with his quickness and his IQ and Zach replied with his team skills.


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Hard Work Beats Talent When Talent Fails to Work Hard – Kevin Durant