On To The Next…

Terrence Wilson

Friday, September 13th, the Bruins faced the #1 Eastbrook Panthers on the Bruins senior night. The Bruins played up to Eastbrooks level in the first quarter. Even though they were down 14-0, by the second quarter Eastbrooks speed was too much for the Bruins. Defense allowed 21 quick points on the Bruins.

The second half wasn’t the best for the Bruins, as leading tacklers Isaac Justice and Joey Payne were pulled from the game with  injuries. Justice with a concussion, and Payne with an ankle injury both in the 3rd quarter. Offense, nor defense went rolling in the second half as the Panthers capped off a 63-0 win. The Panthers offense totaled 483 yards with only running 28 plays, while the Bruins totaled 291 yards out of 72 plays.

The Bruins will Face the Northwestern Tigers at Northwestern (Kokomo, IN) Friday night at 7pm.